Class Information

Private lessons are one hour in length. All students aged 5 years to adult,  beginner to advanced, hobby or professionals, are welcome. No prior experience necessary.


Singing classes

Singing classes are taught in the styles of pop/rock, jazz, and musical theater. The first ten minutes is devoted to various singing exercises designed to warm up the voice and concentrate on improving your vocal technique. The remaining time is spent applying these techniques to songs of your choice or from my extensive library. Students are also encouraged to bring in their own sheet music. Alternatively, students can bring in lyrics that they cannot find the music for, along with a recording of the song. I strongly recommend bringing a folder to class in which music can be filed. I strongly suggest that students record their lessons so that they can practice between classes.

Students who are interested can also work on their own original songs during the lesson.


Piano Classes

Students can choose to study jazz, pop/rock or classical piano. Lesson time will focus on improving piano technique and repertoire. I have several different method books to choose from or you can bring in any that you would prefer to use. In addition, students can learn how to read chords, chord progressions and note reading. For those students who have limited access to a piano or a keyboard I will show you different ways to practice away from the piano.


Course Fees

10  one hour classes for singing or piano 16,000.00baht (1,600 baht/ hour).

The class fee for students wishing to pay per lesson is 2,000 baht/hour.

Cancellation Policy

  1. Classes must be attended according to the registered time and date. Changes in class time can only be made if an alternative time is available.
  2. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. There will be no make-up classes for same day cancellations.
  3. All classes must be completed within 6months of first class Any extensions must be arranged with me when registering for course.